What's this all about then?

This is a website that I wrote for myself. I'm that guy who sits for eight hours a day, and it was really about time that I did something about it. Plain old strength of will wasn't helping, so I made this to remind me to keep moving.

What are the stats?

The skills for your character are fitness, voice, mood, health and intelligence. There will be others as the list of activities improves. Each real-life activity is linked to one of those attributes, so once you complete one of those activities, both your character's and your own skill increase in that area. Doing pushups, for example, will improve your fitness rating in-game and make you more fit outside of the game. Mood is affected by simple activities that should make you feel better. Intelligence is improved by simple thought exercises.

What do I do with the coins?

Once you earn a few coins, you can visit the RPG section and buy spells and equipment. By doing this, your attack messages become more interesting and randomized.

What's the Fitness Intensity?

Some of the Fitness activities involve doing a certain number of exercises (eg, "Do 5 pushups"). This number is derived from your Fitness Intensity modifier, accessible in the options page. Every time you rotate through all of your activities, the number increases. Every time you fail a fitness-based activity, it goes down again.

Can I have it beep at me?

In the options, there is one called "Countdown Intrusiveness". Here you can set how annoying the timer is. For an audible alert and (most likely) a forced change of focus to the page, change the dropdown box to "titlebar countdown and alert box"

I've forgotten my password!

Make a new account. Because this site values privacy, your email address has not been stored on the system so there's no convenient way to restore lost passwords.