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TitleCategoryRating (reviews)Length
The Physics of CommunicationPersonal Transformation4.95 (21)0:32
Watch Me Get a Job Interview (Literally) New Grads & CollegeCareer Development4.9 (232)5:44
EAT PRAY LEAD - 30 essential leadership toolsLeadership4.85 (24)1:08
7 Day Law of Attraction Manifestation ProgramPersonal Transformation4.8 (91)1:06
Productivity for ArtistsPersonal Productivity4.8 (68)0:54
Reinvent Yourself TodayPersonal Transformation4.8 (49)1:04
Discovering our Auric FieldPersonal Transformation4.8 (37)0:42
2.Guided Meditation - Creating True Happiness in 30 minutesPersonal Transformation4.8 (36)0:57
Woodworking Tools - ExplainedCreativity4.78 (29)0:51
Bright Side and Dark Side of Freelancing for BeginnersCareer Development4.75 (30)0:59
Stop & Think: Creating New AwarenessLeadership4.75 (24)1:03
Foundation Skills for a Successful Meditation PracticePersonal Transformation4.73 (86)1:57
SOCIAL SKILLS MASTER COURSE - Social Skills to MAKE FRIENDSSelf Esteem & Confidence4.72 (110)6:24
How to write a ResumeOther Personal Development4.71 (229)0:45
A Beginner's Guide to Trans 101Other Personal Development4.71 (136)1:30
Cyber Focus For School, Work, And Your Daily LifePersonal Productivity4.7 (99)2:20
Beautiful You - Love Who You ArePersonal Transformation4.7 (48)0:35
Be Inspired: How to Create Your Best LifePersonal Transformation4.7 (44)1:28
From CLUTTER to CLARITY-Practical Guide to Powerful ActionsHappiness4.7 (41)1:06
Intro to the Army Professional Reading ProgrammeCareer Development4.7 (34)0:45
How To Handle Extreme Stress - Create Your LifelineStress Management4.68 (21)0:43
Introduction to Insurance AdjustingCareer Development4.67 (55)0:30
Anybody Can Paint - Shortest Painting Course for BeginnersCreativity4.66 (76)1:56
2020: Develop Rock-Sold Habits To Jumpstart Your YearPersonal Transformation4.65 (77)1:04
Learn The Joy Of ImperfectionPersonal Transformation4.65 (48)0:48
Emergency Preparedness TrainingOther Personal Development4.65 (28)2:53
Relax Away Your StressStress Management4.65 (24)1:57
The 1010 Christian Life PlanPersonal Transformation4.65 (118)4:30
Get a Complete Tour of The Timothy Kenny Course LibraryPersonal Productivity4.65 (117)1:56
Meditation For The Present Moment - 5 Present BreathsPersonal Transformation4.64 (149)0:47
Actualize Academy - Advanced Personal Development SuccessPersonal Transformation4.63 (641)1:20
LinkedIn Profile: The Complete Guide to Reach Your Dream JobCareer Development4.63 (50)0:58
Isha Kriya: A Powerful Meditation for Self TransformationPersonal Transformation4.63 (1901)1:14
Live Scoring of Cricket Matches through The CricHeroes App.Other Personal Development4.62 (74)1:34
20 Free Life Hacks to Inspire You to Excel in Business &LifePersonal Transformation4.61 (1154)2:11
Develop Your Self-Awareness And Think ClearlyPersonal Transformation4.6 (78)0:34
Freedom From AnxietyHappiness4.6 (68)1:18
Everyday Gratitude JournalMotivation4.6 (54)0:32
Cyber Focus For School, Work, And Your Daily LifePersonal Productivity4.6 (45)2:31
Digital Self Care 101Leadership4.6 (44)0:31
Video Communication CoursePersonal Brand Building4.6 (44)1:41
Magic Tricks & Props For ChildrenCreativity4.6 (40)7:51
Why Bullies Bully and How to Get Them to StopParenting & Relationships4.6 (287)0:33
Introduction to MastermindingPersonal Transformation4.6 (259)0:33
Immature parents - who are they?Parenting & Relationships4.6 (23)0:52
4. Guided Meditation - Solve Problems Through Meditation!Personal Transformation4.6 (20)0:58
A Compact Guide to Building Habits That StickPersonal Transformation4.6 (181)0:43
The top 20 questions and answers to become a better parentParenting & Relationships4.6 (180)2:08
Mindfulness for AnxietyPersonal Productivity4.59 (150)1:04
Clearplan University for AgentsPersonal Productivity4.59 (1228)0:39
Self Healing Through Prayerful ContemplationPersonal Transformation4.59 (101)1:48
Leading Corporate GovernanceLeadership4.58 (977)0:48
Build Cohesive Teams to Drive Peak PerformanceLeadership4.58 (1901)1:39
Mindfulness for Individuals: Mindfulness and NeurosciencePersonal Transformation4.57 (87)6:53
Help your child to read and write - Part 2Parenting & Relationships4.57 (549)1:30
Know YourselfHappiness4.57 (47)1:59
Learn how to crochetCreativity4.56 (27)0:31
Train a Happiness Mindset through Playful MeditationHappiness4.55 (87)0:39
Cisco Careers: Want to Earn 100K+ as a Network Engineer?Career Development4.55 (775)1:36
Start InterviewingCareer Development4.55 (41)1:39
Stacked CareerCareer Development4.55 (394)6:35
How childhood and family history affect our happinessHappiness4.55 (375)1:15
Transform Your Mind - Life PracticePersonal Transformation4.55 (26)1:50
Qi Gong: Healing and Balancing of Body and MindPersonal Transformation4.55 (25)2:57
10 Reasons You Can't Find A Job! (+10 SOLUTIONS) - NEW 2020Career Development4.55 (220)2:16
"Managing Anxiety with Ease"Personal Transformation4.55 (116)0:47
How To Find a Job at Fortune 100 Company?|10 Practical StepsCareer Development4.54 (612)1:03
10 Ways to Create an Opportunity Rich LifePersonal Transformation4.54 (599)0:55
Family constellation – a significant method for your growthHappiness4.53 (535)1:23
How to Attract Real Love and Friends For LifePersonal Transformation4.53 (307)0:35
Secrets of HappinessPersonal Transformation4.53 (246)0:31
How to Let Go of Anxious Thoughts and WorriesPersonal Transformation4.52 (48)0:40
Proactive ProductivityPersonal Transformation4.52 (308)2:08
Joyful LeadershipLeadership4.51 (773)4:54
Introduction to Salesforce Certification and Career PlanningCareer Development4.51 (2235)1:19
Develop Effective Team LeadersLeadership4.50 (1824)2:00
The Craft Behind Cinematic StorytellingCreativity4.5 (98)1:23
Shape Your Mind to Make Your Dreams a Reality & Avoid 9-5Personal Transformation4.5 (899)2:58
Manage anxiety while in isolationHappiness4.5 (88)0:41
Learn American English Slang WordsCareer Development4.5 (82)0:41
How to Successfully Raise Your VibrationPersonal Transformation4.5 (59)0:28
Solve your problems at their root!Personal Transformation4.5 (59)0:46
Resume: The one page document to successCareer Development4.5 (544)0:51
iPads in the Classroom 2018Career Development4.5 (48)5:39
Clarity in CallingPersonal Transformation4.5 (45)2:41
How to Choose a PreschoolParenting & Relationships4.5 (42)0:31
The Complete Guide to Landing a Dream Job Teaching in ChinaCareer Development4.5 (27)6:13
Productivity Masterclass: Productivity Hacks for Online WorkPersonal Productivity4.5 (24)0:59
Habits of Great RelationshipsParenting & Relationships4.5 (230)0:55
Motivation - How to achieve your Dreams get resultsMotivation4.5 (23)0:55
Menstrual Hygiene Education with UhuruPadsOther Personal Development4.5 (23)0:40
Applying Chance & Risk to Life & BusinessOther Personal Development4.5 (199)3:04
Conquer Your Content Creating Fear And Become an Authority!Personal Brand Building4.5 (193)1:22
5 Min Meditation Techniques to Create BalanceMotivation4.5 (180)0:44
Choose Happiness NowHappiness4.5 (136)0:50
Dyslexia and Mind Mapping: How the BulletMap™ Method helps.Memory & Study Skills4.5 (135)0:48
How Singaporeans can Move Ahead in their CareersPersonal Transformation4.5 (130)0:38
So, you want to be a social worker?Career Development4.5 (129)1:31
How to Conquer the Negativity of LifeStress Management4.5 (113)1:06
Meet your brain: a short introduction to neurosciencePersonal Transformation4.49 (8477)0:51

Top 100 Paid Courses

TitleCategoryRating (reviews)PriceLength
The Power Of Habit MasterClass For SuccessPersonal Transformation5.0 (52)A$199.991:14
Business Communication | Write & Speak More ProfessionallyCareer Development5.0 (36)A$129.993:27
How To Build Amazing RelationshipsPersonal Transformation5.0 (22)A$84.992:22
The One Week Parenting MiracleParenting & Relationships5.0 (134)A$24.992:04
Connecting Heaven & Earth QigongPersonal Transformation5.0 (113)A$44.992:09
Divine Energies: Re-alignment & Expansion of your Existence!Personal Transformation4.98 (91)A$159.997:39
Traveler's Sketchbook: Drawing Buildings in PerspectiveCreativity4.97 (22)A$44.994:42
3X Confidence and Authenticity Masterclass ProgrammePersonal Transformation4.95 (96)A$54.995:46
How to use the Law of Attraction - Ultimate CoursePersonal Transformation4.95 (87)A$34.992:18
Dealing With Criticism: The Assertive WaySelf Esteem & Confidence4.95 (41)A$49.991:00
Mini Bootcamp: Get Your Artwork ExhibitedCareer Development4.95 (22)A$64.991:04
Mental Freedom: Freedom From PainPersonal Transformation4.95 (21)A$199.994:07
Career planning: resume/CV, cover letter, interviewCareer Development4.94 (45)A$44.991:25
The Communication Skills Masterclass | 9 Courses in 1Personal Transformation4.93 (57)A$199.999:12
Total Approach to Life Purpose and FulfilmentPersonal Transformation4.92 (20)A$199.992:32
Professional Fully Accredited NLP Certification DiplomaPersonal Transformation4.91 (384)A$99.990:59
Interview Skills to Ace Your Online Interview SuccessfullyCareer Development4.91 (23)A$24.991:26
Motivation - Learn to Take Action that Leads to SuccessMotivation4.91 (153)A$129.991:45
Say Goodbye to Stress : From Chaos to Clarity in an InstantStress Management4.9 (89)A$49.991:04
Self Confidence: The Ultimate Confidence Booster FormulaSelf Esteem & Confidence4.9 (71)A$199.994:56
Badass Confidence - Authentic Confidence & Self-EsteemSelf Esteem & Confidence4.9 (64)A$54.997:41
Unleash Your Super-Brain: Hack Your NeuroplasticityPersonal Transformation4.9 (58)A$139.991:59
Family Constellation: Master CoursePersonal Transformation4.9 (54)A$124.9911:42
Remote Viewing SHTF Remediation - Expert Edition Part 2Personal Transformation4.9 (52)A$199.991:24
Paint and Create A Lighthouse with Alcohol Ink in Easy StepsCreativity4.9 (47)A$44.990:47
Alcohol Ink Learn to paint a Sea Turtle Easy Beginner StepsCreativity4.9 (43)A$34.991:24
learn abstract alcohol inks on canvasCreativity4.9 (42)A$29.990:47
Sounds True Presents: Body and Mind Are One, Part 2Personal Transformation4.9 (40)A$199.994:44
Become a Day of Wedding Coordinator Career Development4.9 (37)A$99.992:21
Positive Habits - Transform Health, Wealth And RelationshipsPersonal Transformation4.9 (36)A$54.992:27
Love Magnet: Snag the Ideal Mate With the Law of AttractionParenting & Relationships4.9 (34)A$54.993:55
EFT Tapping 3 - Use EFT To Tap For a Future EventPersonal Transformation4.9 (32)A$99.991:01
The Advanced Self-Healing Road-MapPersonal Transformation4.9 (28)A$54.992:38
The Advanced Self-Healing Road-MapPersonal Transformation4.9 (28)A$54.992:38
Sounds True Presents: Body and Mind are One, Part 1Personal Transformation4.9 (246)A$199.995:48
The Best Affirmation Class in the WorldPersonal Transformation4.9 (22)A$54.992:34
Emotional Intelligence and TeamworkPersonal Transformation4.9 (21)A$54.993:03
Yoga and Meditation to Create Harmony Within with SadhguruPersonal Transformation4.9 (102)A$54.991:59
Sacred Geometry: Comprehensive CourseCreativity4.88 (68)A$39.993:34
How To Meet Women During the DayPersonal Transformation4.88 (63)A$34.994:37
The Bakery Business Guide: Part 1 - Plan for SuccessCareer Development4.88 (55)A$129.991:28
Remote Viewing Advanced - Intuition of BillionairesPersonal Transformation4.88 (177)A$159.992:09
Sounds True Presents: Good MedicinePersonal Transformation4.88 (1094)A$84.993:24
Positive Psychology Business Coach: L3 (3 in 1) | AccreditedHappiness4.87 (66)A$199.9912:38
Parenting Children Who Have Experienced Trauma and AdversityParenting & Relationships4.86 (79)A$149.993:04
Deep voice training; specific exercisesInfluence4.86 (67)A$89.990:48
Rules of Engagement: Fair Fighting for Marriage [Vol 1-3]Parenting & Relationships4.86 (22)A$44.9914:14
Energy Healing & Meditation Teacher/Practitioner, AccreditedOther Personal Development4.86 (111)A$49.992:49
Life Coaching CertificationPersonal Transformation4.85 (95)A$199.992:39
Acumen Presents: Angela Duckworth on Building GritPersonal Transformation4.85 (883)A$179.990:47
Radiant Power of Women Online CoursePersonal Transformation4.85 (88)A$89.993:45
Determining Time of DeathCareer Development4.85 (67)A$24.991:08
Parenting Without the FightsParenting & Relationships4.85 (51)A$49.992:24
Productive Self Confidence/ A Recipe 4 Freedom(Crash Course)Self Esteem & Confidence4.85 (44)A$199.991:40
Launch Your Airline Career and Travel the WorldCareer Development4.85 (41)A$99.992:09
Evidence-based Relapse Prevention Strategies For AddictionOther Personal Development4.85 (40)A$159.991:21
learn alcohol ink and mixed media on canvasCreativity4.85 (38)A$34.990:57
How to overcome Shame, Embarrassment and Humiliation?Self Esteem & Confidence4.85 (30)A$129.993:03
7 steps to deepen or heal the connection with your parentsHappiness4.85 (29)A$54.994:28
Living in a Living Universe - for ChangemakersPersonal Transformation4.85 (22)A$84.997:26
Motivation Manual: How to Get and Stay MotivatedMotivation4.85 (21)A$99.991:30
How to Be Happy, using Just your ImaginationHappiness4.85 (21)A$24.990:38
How to Develop Self-Control - Today!Personal Transformation4.85 (20)A$24.990:53
Mindfulness Made Easy! | Meditations for Anxiety and SleepPersonal Transformation4.85 (114)A$129.993:35
30 Days Of Discipline - 30 Day Challenge For MenPersonal Transformation4.85 (106)A$24.991:22
Personal Mastery: Health, Wealth, Law of Attraction and MorePersonal Transformation4.84 (49)A$199.991:05
The Secrets of Confidence and CommunicationSelf Esteem & Confidence4.84 (167)A$129.993:42
The Way Of ConfidenceSelf Esteem & Confidence4.82 (94)A$24.990:33
RELATIONSHIP COACHING & COUPLES COUNSELING MASTERCLASS 2020Parenting & Relationships4.82 (458)A$89.991:45
Legal Research 101: Primary AuthoritiesCareer Development4.82 (44)A$54.991:24
How to Manifest Using The Law of Attraction CertificationHappiness4.81 (423)A$109.991:23
Be The ChangeLeadership4.81 (38)A$74.991:00
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): The Complete CoursePersonal Transformation4.81 (33)A$129.991:08
Investigating the ParanormalOther Personal Development4.81 (20)A$84.993:33
Learning Strategies for Exam: Brain Training, Improve MemoryMemory & Study Skills4.81 (148)A$129.991:42
The king Solomon seals – 44 keys to prosperity & successPersonal Transformation4.80 (44)A$54.994:06
BUILD SELF ESTEEM & GAIN SELF CONFIDENCE: Theory to ActionSelf Esteem & Confidence4.80 (164)A$129.994:14
Electronics S1W3: Learn to Calculate Watts, Volts and AmpsCareer Development4.8 (89)A$34.992:36
Hacking Your Subconscious MindPersonal Transformation4.8 (88)A$24.994:14
Strengthening Marriages and Intimate RelationshipsParenting & Relationships4.8 (87)A$24.995:20
TIme And Life MasteryPersonal Productivity4.8 (81)A$124.992:02
FUNDAMENTALS OF CREATIVE WRITINGOther Personal Development4.8 (78)A$99.990:59
An Empath's Guide to EmpowermentPersonal Transformation4.8 (77)A$99.991:11
Positive Psychology: A Short Course in Habits and HappinessHappiness4.8 (73)A$24.991:03
Manifesting Mastery - Imagining Creates RealityPersonal Transformation4.8 (62)A$99.991:46
The Complete Windows 10 Computer Course. Beginner and BeyondCareer Development4.8 (59)A$24.992:24
Radical self acceptance: Rediscover the joy of livingPersonal Transformation4.8 (59)A$99.991:43
Remote Viewing Enigma- The Alien ConspiracyPersonal Transformation4.8 (52)A$199.993:37
Happiness: Practical Secrets to Being HappyHappiness4.8 (50)A$109.992:47
Career CatalystCareer Development4.8 (47)A$24.990:47
The Eight Exceptional Vessels QigongPersonal Transformation4.8 (47)A$44.992:15
The Complete Stress Management Tools to Trigger HappinessStress Management4.8 (45)A$29.990:50
Become A Superhuman Productivity MachinePersonal Productivity4.8 (44)A$199.996:22
Certified SMART goals -Specialist Life Coach CertificatePersonal Transformation4.8 (41)A$139.992:57
Learning the Hard Way Vol 6 : Taking Action The Hard WayPersonal Productivity4.8 (40)A$199.992:51
Job Search Mastery #3: HOW TO NAIL EVERY JOB INTERVIEW 2020Career Development4.8 (36)A$129.993:53
Creativity Course by a Creativity Coach | Art & InnovationCreativity4.8 (33)A$199.9917:45
Sounds True's Awakening a Joyful Heart with MeditationPersonal Transformation4.8 (319)A$199.993:04
Mindfulness, Meditation and Self-Awareness 21 Day CHALLENGEPersonal Transformation4.8 (31)A$149.995:35
The Embroidered Brocade QigongPersonal Transformation4.8 (31)A$44.992:08

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